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November, 2019

"When Finn Riley takes a week off work and sets off on a camping trip, he wanted a relaxing time to clear his head and refocus on his life goals. When his outdoor adventure turns into a fight for his very life, he stumbles upon a contraption that seems legitimately out of this world. But when he’s plunged into a strange new world, Finn must figure out a way to survive when demonic creatures threaten to kill him at every turn and nothing he knows makes sense. With all eyes on him, can Finn prevail or will his sudden arrival seal the fate of this new land with darkness forever?"

Man at Desk

The Strangeness 

Fall, 2018

James lay on his bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The “strangeness,” they had called it, started years ago. Furniture moved when they weren’t home. Strange voices chattered in the darkness. Once, a window shattered unprovoked and sliced his arm so badly he nearly passed out from the blood loss. He tried to explain it away but it was worsening each day. Now, James feared for his family and knew it was time to get out. He put in for a transfer at work and spent every last dime they had on the moving truck, otherwise they’d be at a hotel. In the morning, they’d be gone.

One more night in this God forsaken house. 


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau



Tucson, AZ

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